Let’s talk about GPT-3 and explain how it works

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If you haven’t already heard about GPT-3, the best way to introduce it to you is by showing you all the cool things that programmers have been able to create with this new technology.

Taking a simple prompt and expanding it by paragraphs
Turns an English prompt into a full-blown design mockup
Automatically generate music from a user-provided song title and artist
Translate English into SQL code

Yes, you saw that right. GPT-3 can do everything from simple text generation to music generation to literal coding. …

Is it necessary to “mine” cryptocurrencies? What’s Ethereum 2.0?

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Bitcoin is often heralded as cryptocurrency that can change the world; however, Bitcoin mining is not as environmentally friendly as it seems. In fact, in order to protect the digital security of Bitcoin, a huge amount of electricity needs to be consumed.

This year, cryptocurrency mining is estimated to consume around 121.36 terawatt-hours (TWh) a year. Unless the value of the currency slumps, it’s unlikely that this figure will decrease anytime soon. For comparison, the country of Argentina consumes about 121 TWh a year, the Netherlands (108.8 TWh) and the United…

Can Bitcoin truly replace cash if every transaction on the network is slow and costly?

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Bitcoin has been in the news a lot lately — and for a lot of reasons. While many don’t believe there’s anything more to the Bitcoin craze than a bubble, Bitcoin is getting adopted by more and more institutions every day, leaving many others to wonder if Bitcoin can exist among, or even replace, fiat currencies as a legitimate means of transaction at scale.

On the surface, or at least in the mainstream news, Bitcoin sounds and looks like the future of transacting. Because it’s…

Let’s explain the underlying technology of hydrogen fuel. In Plain English.

Hydrogen has long been touted as the clean energy source of the future, and while many hold strong opinions about the actual feasibility of hydrogen based future, I think we should all appreciate the innovative ways scientists are attempting to make a dream a reality. Let’s explain in plain English.

Before we jump right into the science, let’s take a step back and make a clear distinction between the the different types of headlines about hydrogen fuel that you see in the news. For one, there’s the application of hydrogen fuel in internal combustion engines. Using hydrogen fuel in this…

It’s time we democratize the lucrative real estate industry.

Unless you’re Michael Burry, I think you’ll agree with me when I say that real estate is generally an attractive and often lucrative investment opportunity. However, the problem with real estate investing is that few individuals have access to sufficient cash to buy such an investment, and even fewer have the ability to manage it. But what if you could split the value of a property into a thousand little pieces? And what if you could trade these pieces on a marketplace with anyone over the internet?

Enter tokenized real estate.

Elon Musk has made a lot of eyebrow raising claims about the intended capabilities of Neuralink. How much of it is rooted in the real science?

The Intro

Human beings are naturally intelligent creatures who learn and adapt to the environment in which they live. One of the most significant changes in our lives is how we are adapting to the technology that surrounds us. Over time, we’ve developed a symbiotic relationship with technology; it has become an integral part of our lives, with a profound impact on how we process information, communicate with one another, and organize the world around us…

What is a Solid-State Battery and Why it May Change EV’s Forever

Current EV battery technology has a number of deficiencies that make it not ideal for long-range electric vehicles. Advances in battery technology have increased the range and power of EVs, but none come close to matching the convenience, cost, and range of a petrol car. However, there is hope. Solid state battery technology offers a better solution. Whilst not suitable for all applications, this new technology may herald improved ranges for EVs or even the creation of an entirely new vehicle category.

What is a solid state battery?

A solid state battery is a rechargeable battery in which the electrolyte is in the solid state rather…

No, I’m not a basketball card savant. And no, I’m not going to sell you a course.

From $1 to $399

About 2 months ago, I found an article about how someone sold a video clip of a one-of-a-kind basketball moment for $2,200 on a marketplace for- what are essentially- NBA gifs. What makes a video clip one-of-a-kind? There’s only a limited amount of them and once they stop being “dropped” in sets of packs, the only place to buy them is the second-hand marketplace. Being an NBA and diehard Raptors fan myself, I went on to NBA Top Shot to see what all the hype was about. I grabbed a Kyle Lowry fadeaway over Kemba Walker in game 3 of…

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